ARC - Alarm receiving centre

ARC - Alarm receiving centre

We currently offer a high quality alarm receiving centre service. We care about your security, which is why we provide you with the option of connecting your building to an ARC (alarm receiving centre) to have it under supervision 24/7.


When your building is under threat, your alarm’s control panel will send a signal to the alarm receiving centre. Our operator will evaluate the situation and undertake all necessary measures. He will contact you, informing you of the security breach in question and will send out our task force to deal with the problem. You can decide whether you want us to contact you or the task force first.

Of course, false alarms can happen as well. This could be the result of an error or the wrong alarm code being given to a customer. If that is the case, the task force can be called off by a free phone call. All customers have a unique password, which is the subject of our contract with the client and allows them to communicate with the operations centre in the event of an alarm. This password is only known by the customer and so the task force cannot be called off by the perpetrator.

After arriving where the alarm was triggered, the task force will check the entire building immediately and report their finds to the operator. The operator will, in turn, inform the customer. If the building was broken into, vandalised or damaged in any other way, the task force will call the police, secure the building and act according to the agreed-upon rules and your individual requirements. The armed forces we send in have special training and are ready for a potential encounter with the perpetrator. This kind of task force will arrive to the location in the shortest amount of time possible.

The advantage of connecting your building to an ARC is non-stop 24-hour monitoring. You don’t have to worry about your building being unsupervised.

Don’t worry about the security of your building during your absence and leave it to us.

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