Personal and property protection in transit

Personal and property protection in transit

Are you planning a long trip? Do you want to eliminate all possible security risks? Do you need to ensure the highest level of security while transporting a person of high social standing? Our sevices are here for you. We are ready to make your journey as comfortable and as secure as possible. Whether you are on a work-related trip or need an escort for your client, we’re here for you!

Do you need to transport your valuables, a large sum of money, an artefact or anything else? Other than personal protection, we also offer protection for your belongings or other valuables that you expect to be delivered intact.

We always fulfill even the most difficult of our client’s tasks and the prices for our services are thus set individually, depending on the client’s requirements.

Our outbound vehicles: Malacky, Zohor, Stupava, Bratislava, Senec, Pezinok

We provide trips throughout Slovakia

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