Security systems - alarms, cameras

After inspecting your building, we will recommend the optimal technical security solution for you according to your vision. Our professional approach and acquired experience will ensure reliability, effectiveness and the smooth operation of the entire system.

Security alarms

Security alarms are a lot more affordable than most people think. Their price can be compared to common household electronic appliances, many of which are considered a necessity today. Of course, the price of a security alarm for a small flat will be different to the price of securing a luxurious mansion. The heart of all security alarms is the control panel, which evaluates all signals from the detectors and operating devices in accordance with the settings of the program and based on their analysis, decides whether to set the alarm off or not.

Wireless systems
The installation itself is a fast and clean process and the look of your building’s interior will remain unchanged. The systems can be expanded quickly and are easy to uninstall.

Wired systems
The wares themselves are usually cheaper than wireless (minus installation materials and work) and it is possible to combine components of multiple manufacturers into a single installation. While there’s no longer a need to change the batteries in the detectors, the wired system does not provide the flexibility of a wireless one.

Hybrid systems
The combination of wired and wireless, known as a hybrid system, is cost-effective and fully flexible. Wires are installed wherever possible and the rest is covered by wireless.

Cameras - CCTV

Countless security technologies are available on today’s market. Camera systems also fit into this category - though they won’t protect your property directly, they still significantly help with clarifying the appearance of a perpetrator or to clarify the circumstances of an incident.

Analog cameras are a thing of the past

IP cameras can have various intelligent functions such as vehicle registration plate recognition, facial recognition, motion estimation, etc.

Your camera system can also be connected to a video counter with restrictions set up by you.

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